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Symptoms of delay in the development of children  of  0 – 7/ 8 years

In different areas  of development the following observations may lead to registration at

the  HPD, especially if:

several observations apply

they persist over a longer period of time

the parents are worried about the development of their child

The child

does not like to be touched

refuses to touch sticky, wet, soft materials

is very sensitive about different types of clothes

does not look directly at people

does not seem to hear, if called

cries out, as if frightened, on hearing loud noises

reacts to every sound, even if soft and is easily distracted

is not aware of danger

The child

does not babble (at 2-4 months)

does not use single words (at 18-24 months)

does not say "no" (at 18-24 months)

does not call himself/herself by own name (at  24-30 Mt.)

does not speak in sentences consisting of more than one word (at 24-30 Mt.)

does not speak comprehensibly

 speaks in his own language, incomprehensible to others

 The child

stumbles constantly

often knocks against furniture and door frames

does not support himself/herself by the hands when falling

deals in a rough and destructive way with toys

always walks on tiptoes

The child

can not play alone

can not stick to one activity

always plays the same game

takes out all his playthings without actually playing

The child

behaves aggressively against others

clings to caretaker he/she relies on and refuses to be alone, even for short periods of time (after 3 ½ years of  age)

periods of time (after 3 ½ years of  age)

approaches strangers and would follow them without hesitation

cries a lot and can not be easily comforted

can not play with other children (after 4 years  of age)

suffers from sudden and excessive changes in mood

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